QLA Students Win NISR Inter-University Hackathon





In a showcase of technological prowess and analytical understanding, a team of two students from QLA emerged triumphant in the recent National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) infographics and hackathon competition, leaving a lasting impression with their exceptional creation of a dynamic and insightful interactive dashboard focused on GDP and CPI.

The hackathon, which attracted participants from top institutions nationwide, challenged teams to harness the power of Python and R to craft an engaging and informative dashboard on the intricate subjects of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) among other topics. The students from QLA not only met the criteria set by the competition but exceeded expectations in various facets.

The team, named Aksumite-Toumai, demonstrated an acute understanding of the competition’s message, seamlessly weaving a narrative that connected GDP and CPI in a manner both relevant and compelling. Their dashboard addressed pressing economic questions, showcasing the relevance of their insights to current global economic trends.

A standout feature of the winning entry was the meticulous presentation of data and statistics. Our students showcased a profound grasp of economic indicators, presenting them in a visually appealing manner that facilitated easy comprehension and interpretation.

The NISR hackathon was a great experience as my friend and I collaborated to develop an interactive dashboard using Python, Dash, and Plotly, incorporating statistical visualizations for both GDP and CPI datasets. We went a step further by integrating an AI assistant to help users understand each graph, enhancing the overall interactive experience. During the hackathon, I had the opportunity to showcase my skills and learn statistical visualization. I gained an understanding of the importance of GDP and CPI indicators for a country’s well-being”, said Mahamat Azibert Abdelwahab.

The second team member, Luel Hagos Beyene, mentioned that participating in the NISR Hackathon was a rewarding experience, where he showcased his skills in data visualization and teamwork, and deepened his understanding of key economic metrics like the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

More about this hackathon can be found here.